Who Am I?

Charlie Seymour Jr, the video-crazed MBA Marketer

Little did I know at 6 years old…

when appearing in my first main stage play and directing my first 3-camera video production at age 11 and directing my first 3-act play in 7th grade that I’d grow up to use these skills to help U.S. and Canadian clients tell their stories through online video marketing. Oh, sure – I have an MBA from Wharton and a multimillion-dollar, award-winning sales record, but it’s this early learning that sets me apart and on a road less traveled.

Having lost my Dad in 2012 and put my Mom in her community’s medical wing in 2013 within days of our second grandchild’s birth, I know time zooms on: let’s have fun while we work. I sure do!

Whether it’s creating video marketing campaigns that energize people with who you are (I’m often called the Video-Crazed MBA Marketer), becoming an award-winning video producer and #1 best-selling author, selling $247,368,657.97 in personal sales and more than $1 billion through my marketing leadership skills, or being named the Top Salesman in the Philadelphia area: my passion runs deep.

And it’s deeply connected to my family as seen in LessonsFromMyGrandson.com and the 5 generations of my family acting and directing in the same local theater (Barrymores don’t have that many generations!). I know how to tell your story to get people to connect emotionally with you so that they invest in your products and services.

Who is Charlie Seymour Jr?

First, I’m a shiny-headed guy who knows in his heart how powerful video is. When people run from a burning apartment or flooded home, they grab their photo albums to keep their memories alive, and that’s probably because their videos are now protected online. I’m one of FIVE generations in my family to direct at the same local theater and my passion outside of my career has been directing “rip your heart out” big musicals like Sweeney Todd, Evita, Cabaret, West Side Story, Follies, A Chorus Line, Hunchback of Notre Dame (which I wrote with Neil Radisch), and more.

I’m also an Award-Winning Video Producer and Still Photographer; Theater Director, Producer, Actor, Coach; Long-time Glazer-Kennedy Student and Marketer; Speaker, Storyteller, Featured Guest in Webinars and Meetups; and oh, yes (as I said): I have an MBA from Wharton. But the thread running through all these varied interests and activities can be summed up as this: I use online marketing with my passion for storytelling that calls people to action.

See How Charlie Earned His 10,000 Hours Of Expertise

Even at an early age…

I created stories for people that others wanted to watch. I received my first camera (Brownie: remember them?) at age four and went on to become a professional photographer. I began my video career at age 11 at the side of Robert J. Kerr, the Dupont scientist (and community-theater director) who was a leading specialist in the creation of video tape at a time when a “home machine” weighed 37 pounds and you had to wind the tape from reel to reel. I started directing 3-camera video recordings at age 11 and now regularly have up to five cameras running at the same time – videos are entertainment plus great information: THAT’S how to get people to watch you!

I’ve had a rich life and know how to get the most from you when creating videos. I appeared in my first main-stage production at age six and directed my first three-act play in 7th grade. I performed in at least one play or musical a year through my college years, founding the student-musical-theater group, Torn Ticket, at Tufts University in 1971, for which I received an Alumni Service Citation. I then started my own Video and Still-Photography Business in 2000, creating several award-winning, feature-length videos in addition to the Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Family Portrait, and Theater photography I became so well known for.

What really drives me?

I specialize in documentary-style videos – they range from 90-minute stories about a Habitat for Humanity house-building project, high school senior class, state championship football team, or a local band to 5-minute shorts that paint a profile of a local business person. Creative storytelling on video has flipped me upside down to show that I “see the world in a different way,” put a dream sequence into an iPad-case-demonstration video for PLUSMotif, put my audience into the fire and molten-lead crystal for world-famous crystal designer Peter Yenawine. Clearly this different viewpoint works for YOUR story too.

And I’m known for many on-location interviews where I am able to draw out clients’ expertise, warmth, and personality, elevating their status for the viewing public. You don’t get “the same look that everyone else gets” – you get a unique, well-crafted story that tells people why they should work with you. And if you need a short Welcome Video for your website, I know how to create that as well.

What others say

Taking Sally Hogshead’s Assessment in her best-selling book, How The World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science Of Fascination, Find Out More About Charlie

Primary Personality Descriptors:

Rapidly earns respect, Focuses on adding value through better execution, Conscientious of the smallest details, Motivated by a competitive spirit and
determined outlook, Expects highest quality deliverables from self and others, Earns respect with higher standards.

Who he is: Ambitious, Results-Oriented, Respected

How he adds value: People recognize him as an achiever and/or expert. He influences people through his high expectations of himself and others. He constantly envisions ways to improve and upgrade.

Secondary Personality Descriptors:

Creates strong and immediate emotional connections, Communicates expressively (such as
colorful language and humor), Attractive personal and professional style of interaction, Inspires people to become involved advocates, Attuned to the 5 senses: taste, touch, scent, sound and sight, Quickly creates warm emotional connections

Who He Is: Expressive, Intuitive, Engaging

How he adds value: He captivates others with his vibrant and attractive style of communication. His approachable and transparent style makes him an “open book.” He intuitively understands ideas and feelings of others.

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But I bring more than my creativity and shiny-headed good looks to the table.

In real estate, I generated $247,368,657.97 in personal sales and more than $1 billion through my marketing leadership skills, being named the Top Salesman in all of Philadelphia; I ran professional theaters in Princeton, NJ and St. Louis, MO, operated my own photography/video production company, and continue to consult about (and use) Web 2.0 technology (especially video production, YouTube, LinkedIn, Traffic Geyser, blogging, podcasting, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter).

A Boomer myself, I recently studied the buying habits of my generation leading to the insight that, “We’ve gone from Success To Significance in what drives us. We have the things and now want to be sure to leave our mark ON the world (and on at least one other person IN this world). We need to get our stories out, to profit others and ourselves.” I live my life that way and want to help you too.

Lucky guy that I am, I have two beautiful, talented, and grown daughters (Stacie and Liz), a son-in-law (Chris), a grandson (Beckett), and granddaughter (Isabel) who enrich my life in everything they do. I live outside of Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA USA with my wife, Pam, 1 electric bike, 5 computers, and 8 cameras!


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