The Deadline Drives The Deal


Do you have trouble setting deadlines and then meeting them? Do you have a sense of where you want to take your business but have NO idea how to get there? Does your ADD or ADHD (real or imagined) set in and you never seem to get your work done, especially the marketing work that you hate and have no idea what to do?

Has anyone said to you, “Your Marketing REALLY Sucks!” (Perhaps it was that wee voice inside your head calling out to you just as you step out of the shower or relax at night as you attempt to fall asleep in less than an hour). Do you know why?

And are you tired of seeing your friends succeed (heck – they aren’t as smart or accomplished as YOU are but they’re making a pot full of money more than you do!)? Tired of facing your spouse or friends to say you can’t join them when they have fun because you’re a slave to your job/business (and have dug a moat around yourself and feel stuck on a never-ending plateau)?

You know you NEED marketing to attract people to you but you sure haven’t figured out how to make it all work: video, social media, website, all that content people keep telling you to post online… and it goes on.

It’s time to chat. It’s time to team together. No obligation. But until you know your WHY and they how to tell others about it, you will languish as so many others do – getting average results and making very little money.

Click the button here to send me a short email. Tell me what you’re trying to do and how you feel I can help.

Then we’ll chat. Lay out a plan. Aim you in the right direction and then have YOU do the marketing or ask ME to do it.

Now. Before it’s too late. Click the Connect Today button to get to an email form now.

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