Swarthmore Presbyterian Church – Pastor Dick Wohlschlaeger

http://SwarthmorePres.org For nearly 20 years, Dick Wohlschlaeger has been Pastor of the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church. Here he shares some of his background, his insights into the church’s community, and his hopes for what the reconstructed Chancel and New Pipe Organ will mean to this family of faith now and for many, many years to come.

As part of the church’s Chancel Renovation Project, Charlie Seymour Jr is creating a documentary.

More information about Swarthmore Presbyterian Church: http://SwarthmorePres.org

Charlie Seymour Jr produced and directed this video. He can be found at Charlie Seymour Jr’s website – Click Here!

Architects: Daley + Jalboot

Construction by: Caldwell, Heckles and Egan Inc.

New Pipe Organ by: Burton K. Tidwell
Sound Engineered by: DSH Audio Visions

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church


Swarthmore Presbyterian Church – Pastor Dick Wohlschlaeger


Charlie Seymour Jr’s Google+


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