Swarthmore Presbyterian Church and Bill Yeats

http://SwarthmorePres.org As part of the church’s Chancel Renovation Project, Charlie Seymour Jr is creating a documentary. In this video, Bill Yeats, music director of SPC for 39 years, reveals some history of SPC, the organ, the chancel, and the beautiful sanctuary.

More information about Swarthmore Presbyterian Church: http://SwarthmorePres.org

More information about Charlie Seymour Jr, Dr. Marc Kossmann, go to http://TheVideoMarketingGuys.com

Parts of this video will be included in the year-long documentary project by Charlie Seymour Jr

Charlie Seymour Jr produced and directed this video. He can be found at Charlie Seymour Jr’s website – Click Here!

Playlist for all of these videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCB9891E25480F5B4&feature=view_all


Swarthmore Presbyterian Church and Bill Yeats


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