Charlie Seymour Jr started on the stage at age 6 and has been comfortable “on stage” ever since. He’s been described as a dynamic speaker: fun, informative, funny. Here’s an example of a presentation about How To Power Your Profits With Video Marketing.

Is Charlie Seymour Jr Right To Entertain/Teach Your Group?

Charlie practices what he preaches – not one to stay in the crowd or even “stand out” in the crowd, Charlie does what his #1 best-selling Amazon.com book title says: Hey You… Don’t Stand Out: Get Out!

Known as the Video-Crazed MBA Marketer, Charlie is open, friendly, and (dare we say) sometimes a bit wacky on video. He knows that to get people to tune into your message he needs to entertain and engage (in this world of 10-second sound bites that have people jumping all over the place) as he presents solid marketing, branding, and income-producing advice from the platform or in a private meeting room.

As you will see in this video (and other examples on this website), Charlie is very comfortable before large groups, corporate meetings, break-out sessions, and behind closed doors in boardrooms where confidential information needs protection. He knows how to tailor his material to your time frame, ranging from an hour keynote to weekend seminars to a retreat that lasts a week.

Some of the topics Charlie Seymour Jr covers when speaking include:

  • How To Get Found, Engage, and Build Relationships While You Sleep
  • Three Simple Ways To Create A Video EVEN With Your Cellphone
  • Video Marketing: It’s Easier Than You Think To Explode Your Marketing Success On Autopilot
  • How To Use Video To Make You A Superstar – The Ultimate Professional’s Guide To Success Through Video
  • Marketing For Your Success: Superbowl Commercials Do NOT Work For You!
  • Building Personality In Your Marketing: Sell Yourself FIRST To Make More Money
  • Selling The Professional: You Are NOT A Bar Of Soap And Need To Market Differently!
  • How To Rescue Your Reputation After An Online Attack
  • How To Turn A Dii (Disastrous Internet Identity) Into Your Personal Legend Through Video And Print
  • Three Simple Ways To Create A Video – Develop Your Own Power Introduction; Create “One Camera, One Take” videos; Wear Your Camera; then publish them quickly
  • How To Dominate Online (YouTube Channel, Blog with videos, 10x10x4 syndication, automated follow-up system to give away a free offer and capture email address, social media)
  • Contagious – 6 STEPPS To Success – How To Make Your Videos Contagious
  • How To Record Your Own Webinar To Sell Your Products and Services
  • Bring Your Website, We’ll Create A Video Commercial For You On The Spot
  • Simple Editing To Make Your Videos Jump From The Screen
  • Create Your Own Brand Online Using Design and Video
  • Become A Video Star: What To Do BEFORE They Turn On The Camera (what to wear, where to look, how to get comfortable, and more)
  • Get To Your WHY: People Buy WHY You Sell Something, Not The What or How So… what really drives you? What must people know instantly about you when you walk in the room?
  • Unleash Your Rock Star Identity – Become A Video Rock Star Through 7½ Steps AND Create Your Ultimate Automated Sales Machine – Discover how easy this is to set up as we demonstrate it in real time
  • Create Your Own Legend Now – How A Medieval Blacksmith’s Son Can Teach You To Triumph After Facing Your Dragon
  • Hey, You… Don’t Stand Out – Get Out! How To Build Your Marketing Message For Maximum Profit!
  • Hacking Your Way Out Of The Internet Jungle: The Universe Model Of Success Online
  • Make The Shift: From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur On Steroids
  • Build It To Sell It: Taking Yourself OUT Of The Moat Of Your Business To Increase Profits Now And In The Future
  • Amazon.com Best Seller In Under 91 Days – How To Write, Publish, and Market Your Book To Get You Noticed!
  • PowerIntroductions: Choosing Your Words So People Remember You AFTER A Meeting
  • Say It So They Buy It: What You Need To Say In Video And Print To Rocket Your Profits
  • Masterminding: How To Build Your Personal Board Of Advisors To Zoom Your Profits To The Top
  • LinkedIn Strategies To Explode Your Inner Circle And Make You Money
  • Customer Service: Are You Selling Effectively Or Destroying Your Marketing Success?

You get the idea!

And if you want him to speak on another topic, suggest one! And then contact him.

What’s Next?

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