Sample Videos By Charlie Seymour Jr


Here Are Just A Few Sample Videos I’ve Created That Can Work For You:

Attention Grabbers: Those designed to get people to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. These can be for a product or service, an upcoming event, a video series (as a pattern interrupt), and more

Do You Know? Short, to-the-point videos about an idea or a person. These show you how you can create many in a series with a templated style.

Interviews: This is the easiest way for our clients to get their information throughout the Internet: all they have to do is talk with me as I record it. It’s also a great way to write blog posts (by transcribing the interview) or even a book. Notice how relaxed most people are in these – and none of them is a professional guest… only a business person, professional, clergyman, and more.

Weekly Online TV Shows: This is easier for you to do than you might guess. Two of my weekly shows are listed here and I can show you how to create your own (and NOT work on them every week!).

Product Demonstrations: These don’t have to be as elaborate as what you find on QVC or in infomercials, but statistics show that people are 174% more likely to purchase a product when a video accompanies it and shows how it works.

Website Welcomes: Short, sweet, to-the-point videos that tell people what to do when they land on your website.

Profile/Mood Creators: When you need a piece about you and your background or want to set the mood for the type work you do, this is the perfect type video to create.

Testimonials: The BEST testimonial you can receive is a video testimonial from someone who strongly believes in you and what you do. But even if you only have a testimonial in writing, don’t let it get buried on your website. Text testimonials can be turned into short videos and the spread around the Internet to trumpet your successes!

Public Presentations: You should ALWAYS record your presentations (to Rotary, your local religious group, a Meetup). Even if it’s only audio, record it. When you capture video, you can display it on your website (and use parts of it to lead people to your whole presentation). If you just get audio, use a few photographs on your website and get people to download your audio.

Specialty: The types of videos are endless, so this category shows you a few more!


Attention Grabbers:

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Product Demonstrations:

Weekly Shows:

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Samples – Peter Yenawine Designs:

peter yenawine

Public Presentations:

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Do You Know?

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Website Welcomes:


Profile/Mood Creators:

Samples – Swarthmore Presbyterian Church

swarthmore 15


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