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Bert Martinez From Houston, Texas asked us to appear on his live Money For Lunch radio program

People often ask: “How do people FIND you so that they interview you like this?”

It’s exactly the same way our clients find us – they see our materials online, the get interested, they connect with us, and they follow up. Our threesome of 1) Get Found, 2) Engage, and 3) Follow Up (we always recommend profitable, automated systems to do that for you!).

So here’s our interview with Bert Martinez (you can find his full information here: Bert Martinez on Money For Lunch

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Here Are Some Highlights:

According to Wikipedia, Bert Martinez is an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He became known through his business articles and books, Ready, Aim, Excel!. He writes about subjects such as sales, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and marketing.

Bert frequently appears as a marketing pundit for media organizations including Fox News, CNN, Inc. Magazine, and Business Week magazine, as well as Newspapers, Radio programs, and Internet media worldwide. Here’s some of the interview:

Bert Martinez: Hey guys, we are back talking about you and your marketing. My next guest, Dr. Marc Kossmann, is a psychologist and entrepreneur specializing in online video marketing.

His business partner, Charlie Seymour Jr, is a video-crazed Wharton MBA marketer with a passion for storytelling that calls people to action. That’s the number one tip or number one thing you’re trying to do with your marketing.

Together, they are The Video Marketing Guys. They have produced hundreds and hundreds of online videos promoting themselves and their clients. I’m excited to have them on the show to talk about you and your marketing.

. . .

Bert: Great. Guys, I want to dive into this because people sometimes have a misconception about what marketing is. My whole theory is that if you’re in business, you’re in marketing. If you don’t know how to do marketing, you need to get out of business.
I want to dive into this. What are the three most important strategic marketing goals that an online video can best achieve? Tell me.

Dr. Marc: I’ll take a jump in here and start and just list them, and then we can talk about them. The primary three goals we’re trying to always achieve for our clients is 1) you need to get found online when people search. If you don’t get found, nothing can happen. 2), and the power of video kicks in strongly here, is you need to engage with your ideal audience, and then 3) you need automated systems that follow up with people because people just drop the ball after they make a connection. You can’t assume obviously that someone’s going to buy your product or service the first time they have a connection with you, so you need automated tools to fill in so that you don’t drop that ball.

Bert: Right. As a matter of fact, I think what we should do is assume that they’re not going to buy from you the very first time. That’s precisely why you need an automated follow up system, correct?

Dr. Marc: Absolutely.

Charlie: That is true. I liked what you were talking about, that we’re all selling.

I belong to a book Meetup group and we just did To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink. It talks about that exact same thing. A child selling a parent on why he or she should be able to stay out later, or we’re selling a boss on a raise. It’s all part of that. It’s not the plaid-coated guy screaming on a commercial, “Come buy my crap.” That’s not what marketing is.

Bert: Right. I believe exactly what you said. If you’re married, then you sold your spouse on the idea that she should marry you. As I’ve said many times before, my wife, who’s been married to me for 27 years, has more than on one occasion shown buyer’s remorse. We are always selling.

Dr. Marc: I love the fact that you used the marriage analogy. We use it all the time, as well, in a couple of different ways. To recap those three things, if you’d use that marriage analogy, first you need to get found. You need to be in social situations where you connected with your future spouse.

Then you need to engage both in the figurative sense and in the literal sense. You need to get engaged before you get married, and that’s what that follow up system is there for, as well, is to build a relationship over time because we often joke that you would not walk into a local watering hole and sidle up to a very pretty lady and get comfortable and look her in the eye and say, “Honey, will you marry me?” That just is a little bit jumping the gun, right?

Charlie: But unfortunately, that’s what people do a lot when they’re trying to sell something, whether it’s a car salesman, whether it’s somebody online. They figure somebody clicks on my site, so I better shove something down their throat.

One of the things I learned a long time ago, I’m a guy from the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. We had backyard fences when I was a kid. If every time you walked up to your neighbor to say something you started talking about, “Buy my stuff.” The neighbor wouldn’t come across the fence and wouldn’t talk to you.

That’s what we’re doing online. We’re talking with people and we have to remember they’re people and talk to them that way. That’s why we love video so much because it’s that face-to-face encounter on the web that can’t really be achieved with any other medium.

Bert: Absolutely. That leads to my next thought. Is video outperforming other types of online content marketing because of that face to face? Give me your thoughts on why video appears to be outperforming everything else.

Dr. Marc: There are two main things going on that drive the whole thing. One is people and one is a mathematical algorithm. People have shown over and over again that they absolutely love video. They love watching video. The stats on YouTube are off the register in terms of the number of people who watch video on a daily or weekly basis.

The other thing is what Google is doing. Google is giving a lift to video. Their algorithm shifted quite a while back to what they call blended search results. Ideally what Google wants is that when you search the keyword that you’re searching, they want to have as media-rich an output on every single page as possible.

When you do a search and you only see text-based blog posts, websites, articles, and you don’t see video boxes there, what that really means is there’s virgin territory sitting right there. The minute somebody starts producing video on those keywords, it will get preferentially pulled to page one to fill in that richness of media experience. It’s the same with audio, as well, for that matter. Video has real power right now.

Charlie: Bert, I’m sure that your listeners would have had this experience, as well. They do a search, they go on, “Oh, I have a sore shoulder,” and you go online and you put that in and up pops 10 different search results. If there are some videos there, our eye is just automatically attracted to it.

One of the other reasons that we like video is that when you record something on video, you’re getting the picture. You’re also getting the sound and all the words. Now you can take it and transcribe is so you now have the text of it. You can put just the audio out there, as well. Or you can put it out as a full video.

By doing it one time, we talk about unleashing your rock star identity. A rock star goes into the recording studio, records that song one time, and every time I play it on iTunes they don’t have to come and sing it for me right into my ear and have to worry about what they’re doing. The video will play over and over again and be there as your representative, showing the personality, welcoming somebody in there to see it, and then you can also have just the audio and the text as well to put somewhere else.

Bert: I love it. Let me ask you guys this…

To Get The Full Interview:

To Get The Full Transcript,
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To Get The Audio,
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