Why Do I Give Away All These Bonuses For Free?

Network at The Merion on Wed, May 14, 5:30 – 10:30 (PLUS our After Party at Speed Raceway!) Meet New People, Win Prizes!

Why Do I Give Away All These Bonuses For Free?

If you’re looking for a strong discussion on LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, or other social-media locations, answer this questions: “WHY is it important to give away for free some of your best work?” And then follow it up with: “If YOU could give away some of YOUR best work, what would it be? List it here”

So I’ll go first…

For me, I give away some of my best work so that others will see it, sample it, and then decide if THEY want me to help them create something similar. So often in discussions with prospects I tell them EXACTLY how to solve their problem… I hold back NOTHING. But are they then capable of creating the solution the way I am? Seldom.

Think about it this way: if I told you exactly what pots and pans, dishes, linen, recipes, etc you should order to mirror your favorite restaurant, do you feel you could open your OWN restaurant and make more money and serve more diners than it can? Nawwwwww… you can’t and you know it.

We get so educated in our own specialty that it’s nearly impossible for us to match the talents and abilities of others we need to help us. I knew exactly what I wanted my new house to provide me, but was I capable of building it? Was I capable of even designing it or getting permits for it?


So: I give away some of my best work so that others can see what I do and if they really want the same result, they’ll think about me when it comes time to solving their problem.

So… to everyone who buys their ticket online and then attends the Network at The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ on May 14, 2014, I will give these five items… some of my most valuable information:

      1. How To Become A Best-Selling Author
      2. Video: 25 Traits You Need To Master To Become Influential
      3. How to have your own Ultimate Automated Sales Machine
      4. Three-step secret to marketing success online
      5. Video Presentation: 3 Simple Ways To Create A Video
      Bonus: (yep – I even give away a bonus when giving away bonuses!) How To Run A Trade Show Booth


How Can You Get All Of This FREE?

  • Purchase your ticket online (while they are still available): http://NetworkNoble.com/events
  • Look for me on Wed, May 14, 2014 – I’m the MC and will have a microphone in one hand and a video camcorder in the other.
  • Listen for my announcement during the evening when I give all of this away FREE!

SO much is going on at The Merion on Wed, May 14 beginning at 5:30 PM. Seminars on LinkedIn and Networking, a chance to ride in the all electric Nissan Leaf and see a magnificent all-electric Tesla, Mini Cooper, and electric motor bikes. Open Food Buffet and Top Shelf Bar. And THEN: Join Us for the After Party (if you join us as a VIP Attendee by signing up online NOW!). Plus, you’ll support BeatCancer.org! Click Here To Learn More:


Can this be YOUR night to star? Come find out!


Charlie Seymour Jr

PS: Become a VIP Attendee NOW – sign up online while time still allows. Click This Link:


The Video
Click Now To Play


The Marketing

Here’s what I find (and how I coach my clients): our businesses are like a round building. Inside the building, 95% of what we do is exactly the same for every client. But we must offer different doorways into the business to attract the right people.

Take my (former) photography business. I couldn’t tell a bride I was the best Bar Mitzvah photographer when she wanted a Wedding photographer. So we must use different words, different signs over the many doorways into our businesses. The RIGHT doorway will attract the right people.

Same is true for this event I’m helping to market. Some people want to see the Tesla cars. Some want all the food/drink at the open buffet and open top-shelf bar. Some will want our After Party at Speed Raceway (indoor electric go karts) and some will want one of our seminars on LinkedIn or Networking. And I hope that EVERYONE will want to meet more people… people with whom they can do business.

So I will open SEVERAL doorways into this event so that people will respond to the doorway that interests them most.

See what I mean?


The Event

The Best Business Networking Event In Philadelphia Area

Join us at The Merion on May 14th, 2014 for a full dinner and dessert buffet, top shelf open bar and the opportunity to meet hundreds of local entrepreneurs.

Time: 5:30PM to 10:30PM
Address: Merion Caterers 1301 Route 130 South, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Cost of Admission: $50.00 per person
 (Price is $75 at the door – purchase online NOW)

5:30PM: Registration until 6:30PM
5:30PM: Open Networking, Open Bar, and Dinner Buffet until 8:30PM
6:30PM: Special 25-minute seminar: “Using the Root System to become a Better Networker” by Paul Conti, Creator of the Money Tree Business Strategist Group (OPEN TO VIP ATTENDEES ONLY!)
8:30PM: Main Presentation: Commencement by the benefactor, The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education; Text Breakers Interactive Trivia Activity – Get To Know Other Attendees In A Super-Fun Way! (Open bar becomes a cash bar for the remainder of the evening)
9:30PM: Dessert: Viennese Coffee Table
9:45PM: Special 25-minute seminar: “How to Use Linkedin as a tool to sustain valuable professional relationships” by Orlando Rivera, Business Broker at Tannenbaum and Mehta (OPEN TO VIP ATTENDEES ONLY!)
10:30PM: After Party! (Seriously – have you ever heard of so much fun!??): Zoom along to fun and prizes at Speed Raceway, the east coast’s largest indoor electric kart racing facility. “For the racer in all of us!” It’s practically next door to our Main Event! (OPEN TO VIP ATTENDEES ONLY!)

Want to become a VIP Attendee? There is NO extra cost! We take a great pride in our elegant networking events and want to assure you that the experience is both memorable and beneficial. To become a VIP, simply purchase your ticket online NOW! Supply is limited; don’t miss out!

For questions regarding events, sponsorship, or purchasing tickets, please call (856) 630-3236.


The Menu

Our dinner buffet will be open from 5:30PM to 8:30PM. Here is what we will be serving:

Toscana Station: A variety of Parmesan Asparagus Tips, Home-made Fresh Mozzarella, Marinated Wild Mushrooms, Yellow and Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Soppersata, Roasted Pepper Caponata, Grilled Vegetables, San Danielle Prosciutto, Focaccia Bread, Parmesan Reggiano, Whole Asaigo, Aged Provolone, Honey Dew Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto, Hot Roasted Italian Peppers, Mediterranean Olives and White Cannelloni Bean Salad.

Sautee Station: Chef’s choice of 3 pan simmered platters; including a beef over rice, creme chicken and seafood.

Italian Station: Penne Ala Pollo and Gemelli Bolognese accompanied by self-serve Pizza, Fried Calamari and Three Sauce Manicotti.

Pan Asian: General Tso’s Chicken, Housin Duck, Beyo Buns, Assorted Dim Sum, Beef and Vegetables Udon Noodles.

Potato Bar: Potato Skins and Chive Mashed Potatoes, Accompanied with Sour Cream, Chives, Red Onion, Mushrooms, Bacon, Broccoli, Mozzarella/Cheddar Cheese and Filet Tip Bourguignon Gravy.

Carving Station: Fresh sliced Prime Rib and Honey-Glazed York Ham Served with Assorted Mustards and Rolls


The Benefit

The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education:

A portion of proceeds will be donated to charity for the benefit of Cancer Education. The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) cancer information, counseling and referral agency providing nutritional, immunological, psychological, and other non-toxic resources for cancer prevention, prevention of recurrence, and support during or after treatment. Get more information about their efforts at BeatCancer.org.


The Sponsors

Here are the Companies that are helping to make this event possible:

  • UGO Stations (http://ugostations.com/)
  • Cherry Hill Nissan: (http://www.cherryhillnissan.com/)
  • Farmers Insurance (http://www.farmers.com/)
  • Tannenbaum and Metha (http://www.tmbroker.com/)
  • Charlie the Marketer (http://charliethemarketer.com/)
  • Isagenix (http://www.isagenix.com/)
  • The Money Tree Business Strategist Organization
  • Santander Bank (https://www.santanderbank.com/us/)
  • George’s Dry Cleaning (http://www.georgesdrycleaning.com/)
  • The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (http://beatcancer.org)
  • Text Breakers (http://www.textbreakers.com/)
  • Speed Raceway (http://www.speedraceway.com/)

Want to be an event sponsor? Marketing your business at our events exposes it to hundreds of local entrepreneurs in one night. Sponsors are giving the opportunity to purchase a Full Marketing Package or Booth Space from $350. For more information, fill out the form at http://networknoble.com/marketing-opportunities/ or call (856) 630-3236.

Join Us Now – Click Here To Add To Cart


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