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Do You Want To Become A Best-Selling Author? It’s Time To Get Moving!

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Avoid This: A Cautionary Tale

Jim Rutowski wrote a book and was nice enough to share with us this mistake he made with his marketing. He purchased 5,000 copies of his book (costing over $6,000.00) because he felt that would get the price per book low enough for him. But what he wound up with was 5,000 books in his living room, as seen here.

Jim Rutowski's Books - 20 Jim Rutowski's Books - 29

Jim Rutowski's Books - 23

Jim Rutowski's Books - 25

Jim Rutowski's Books - 33

Jim Rutowski's Books - 39 Jim Rutowski's Books - 44

Jim Rutowski's Books - 48

Jim Rutowski's Books - 51

Jim Rutowski's Books - 01

Jim Rutowski's Books - 09


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Listen as Dr. Marc and Charlie interview Jim.

    • Hear him talk about what it took to write his book

    • How he wished he had known our secrets and strategies before pouring in so much of his money

    • Why he wanted to be a Best-Selling Author like Dr. Marc and Charlie

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Jim Rutowski's Books - 62

Jim Rutowski's Books - 63





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