Do You Know Jeffrey Porzio?

Executive Director for Digital, Forge Worldwide Volunteering, and participates in numerous programs and activities with the Lance Armstrong Foundation – Jeffrey enjoys enabling people with the mission of the Foundation… to inspire those affected by cancer.

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Charlie Seymour Jr: Little did he know at age 11, when a Dupont scientist (whose job was to invent VHS tape) taught him video directing, that he’d grow up to use his producing skills to help you profit through online marketing and video.

Now he’s a husband, dad, and granddad. He knows in his heart how powerful video is (he’s often called the Video-Crazed MBA Marketer). Not long after losing his father, he started a website,, so that his grandson would never grow up not knowing who he was.

Oh, sure – he has an MBA from Wharton and an award-winning sales record, but it’s his early learning that sets him apart.

Charlie Seymour Jr of Right Click is known as the Video-Crazed MBA Marketer. He’s a marketer who uses video to make you successful.

He blogs, creates videos and marketing campaigns for clients, and lives a great life as a Dad and Granddad.

Granddad Charlie is also the creator of which features his toddler Grandson Beckett in Lessons: For Life. For Business. For Fun!

Charlie started this video blog not long after his father’s death – Beckett will grow up not knowing his Great Granddad but Charlie will make sure that, through the power of online video, Beckett will always remember him.

And Charlie’s “crusade” is now to get all Dads and Granddads to use video so that family members will always remember their look, their sound, and their love.

Charlie has two beautiful, talented, and grown daughters (Stacie and Liz), a son-in-law (Chris), a grandson (Beckett), and new granddaughter (Isabel) who enrich my life in everything they do. He lives outside of Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA USA with my wife, Pam, a cat, a dog, 7 computers, and 8 cameras!

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Charlie is known for his creative, attention-grabbing, search-result-hogging video marketing. He combines animation, on-screen appearances, and teaching methods to DOMINATE your Google search results and then AUTOMATE all the follow up you receive.

So… do these sound like you:

  • Are you mired in the crowd? Looking like everyone else? Jumping up and down to be seen over the weeds to get attention from prospects and buyers only to find they pass you by? Feel like you’re trapped in a spider web and not working on the World Wide Web?
  • Do people often ask for your thoughts on a subject of personal or business interest? Do they confide in you, knowing that you will help them? But do you still have trouble getting enough people to believe in you, seek you out, find you when they search online?
  • How often do you feel you’re all alone? No one to help? No one who understands YOU or your business? (Heck – even your pleas up to heaven seem to go unanswered!) Haven’t we all been there more than we like?
  • But it’s not your fault that you weren’t shown how to be successful, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or professional who had no training or education in success, marketing, or building a business.
  • Still feel like you’re slaying a dragon (like the old medieval tales) every time you seek out new business? It’s time for a better way, isn’t it?
  • But you should know that WHY you do what you do is way more important that HOW you do what you do. Do you do a good job telling others who you are, why you are driven to do what you do, how they can be more successful when working with you?
  • Do you have trouble setting deadlines and then meeting them? Do you have a sense of where you want to take your business but have NO idea how to get there? Does your ADD or ADHD set in (real or imagined) and you never seem to get your work done, especially the marketing work that you hate and have no idea what to do?

It’s time to connect with Charlie. No website to sign into, just drop him a note. Click the link below to tell Charlie about the help you need.

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