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As a marketer with a long track record of helping others and selling more than a quarter of a billion dollars (and marketing the sale of more than a billion dollars), I need to stay in touch with what is going on in the world, especially the business and marketing world.

Though I admit that I seldom read a book any more (not since allows me to carry books around on my smartphone), I still devour them. And as a member of a Book Meetup, every month I actively participate in a discussion about a new book (by the way: I highly recommend that you join a group like this too – listening to a book a month is not difficult and diving deeply into it with other smart people is a great way to take away WAY more than you could just by reading or listening to it yourself!).

Below are two categories of books I recommend: those I’ve recently read and those classics that have helped me along the way. My suggestion: start with ONE. Select one and learn something new to help your business grow. Enjoy!


Books Recently Read That I Recommend


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Other Great Business Books I Recommend


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